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Versatile Full Stack Developer with a knack for crafting seamless user experiences, from re-engineering registration flows to integrating cutting-edge technologies, I bring a proven track record of delivering impactful solutions for top-tier companies, showcasing expertise in React, NodeJS, and a passion for innovation in every line of code

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  • Melbourne, Australia

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ES6JavascriptNext.jsNode.jsReactHTMLReact NativeReduxGraphQLStyled ComponentsTailwindTypescript


An accomplished Full Stack Developer with a distinctive blend of technical prowess and creative problem-solving, I stand out for my ability to seamlessly bridge frontend and backend technologies. From spearheading the re-engineering of critical registration flows at Sportsbet to contributing to the Supertrace project's success at AIA Insurance, my diverse skill set spans React, Redux, NodeJS, MongoDB, and more. With a passion for innovation, a commitment to delivering clean and efficient code, and a proven track record of driving results in dynamic environments, I bring a unique combination of technical expertise and a relentless pursuit of excellence to any development team. My capacity to lead and collaborate, coupled with a deep commitment to staying at the forefront of technology, positions me as an invaluable asset ready to elevate any project to new heights.


Re-Engineered Registration Flow at Sportsbet:

Achievement: Successfully delivered a re-engineered registration flow in under a month, utilizing Typescript and Redux to share business logic.

Result: This optimization significantly sped up development time, enhancing the user experience and ensuring a seamless registration process for Sportsbet users.

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