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Front End Lead @ ShopUp | Building Flexible Micro Frontend Architecture

Front End Lead @ ShopUp | Building Flexible Micro Frontend Architecture

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  • Bangalore, India

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JavascriptReactNode.jsCSSES6ReduxSCSSReact NativeTypescriptUIWeb PerformanceWebpackTailwindStyled ComponentsGitVue.jsBootstrapWordpressMaterial UIExpress.jsRedux Saga


As the Front-End Lead at ShopUp, I lead a dynamic team of six developers, driving the development of three innovative products using React, React Native, and Micro Frontend Architecture. My role spans the design, implementation, testing, and deployment of features, with a special focus on optimizing the micro front-end architecture using webpack module federation1.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from PES University and bring over 8 years of experience as a Front-End Developer to the table2. My technical proficiency encompasses a wide array of technologies and frameworks including React, Redux, Recoil, Vue, Node, Express, Jest, and Git3.

I am passionate about continuous learning and growth and am always eager to explore new skills and technologies. While I have some interest in blockchain technology, my primary focus is on front-end development and architecture. My ultimate goal is to leverage my skills and knowledge to deliver high-quality, innovative solutions that enhance user experience and add significant business value.

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