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Crafting engaging web experiences as a Junior Frontend Developer and Web Designer.

Crafting engaging web experiences as a Junior Frontend Developer and Web Designer.

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CSSHTMLJavascriptReactStyled ComponentsUITailwindTypescript


I am a Junior Front-End Developer with a distinctive blend of skills and experiences. With a solid foundation in graphic design and a rich artistic background cultivated over many years, I bring a creative flair to my work in web development.

My journey began in the world of visual arts, where I refined my sense of aesthetics and design principles. These years of experience have instilled in me a profound appreciation for user-centered design and the ability to craft visually appealing and intuitive user interfaces.

Transitioning into the field of front-end development was a natural progression for me. I've leveraged my artistic sensibilities to create engaging and user-friendly web experiences. While I may be a junior developer in terms of experience, my unwavering commitment to continuous learning and my unique perspective from the world of design set me apart.

I am enthusiastic about infusing this fusion of design and development into every project, ensuring not only functionality but also an aesthetically pleasing and memorable user experience. Let's collaborate and craft something beautiful and functional together.

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