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Frontend dev @flipkart | Javascript | ReactJs

Frontend dev @flipkart | Javascript | ReactJs

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  • bangalore , India

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CSSRedux SagaES6HTMLJavascriptReactNode.jsReduxStyled ComponentsWeb PerformanceWebpackSCSSGit


🚀 UI Developer at Flipkart | Passionate about Crafting Seamless Web Experiences 🌐

As a dedicated UI Developer at Flipkart, I specialize in building dynamic and user-centric web applications that redefine the online shopping experience. Leveraging my expertise in JavaScript, ReactJS, GraphQL, and NodeJS, I contribute to the continuous evolution of Flipkart's digital ecosystem.

🛠️ Armed with a versatile skill set encompassing core JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, and GraphQL, I am a Full Stack JavaScript Developer with a keen eye for detail. My passion lies in developing Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) that excel in offline functionality, rapid loading, and deliver a native-like experience to users.

👨‍💻 In my role as a UI Engineer 1, I focus on elevating the user interface and experience of Flipkart's online shopping platform. My mission is to ensure that every interaction is fast, responsive, and accessible, creating a seamless and enjoyable journey for users. Collaborating with a dynamic team of developers and designers, I play a pivotal role in implementing innovative features, optimizing performance, and enhancing the security of our web applications.

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