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Frontend Developer with over 5 years of experience | JavaScript | React | TypeScript

Frontend Developer with over 5 years of experience | JavaScript | React | TypeScript

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I'm a dedicated frontend developer with over 5 years of experience in crafting robust web applications using JavaScript, React, Next JS, and Node.js. My passion lies in creating user-friendly interfaces and building responsive, accessible web solutions. Throughout my career, I've consistently delivered successful projects, achieving high contract profitability. I'm proud to have received multiple awards for my work, earning recognition as a Tech Star—a prestigious accolade within Accenture's exclusive group of high-performing consultants.

Beyond my professional journey, I have a deep love for solving meaningful problems through the art of code. I find great joy in sharing my knowledge and expertise by teaching web development to aspiring developers.


- My journey in web development began as a full-stack developer, where I was responsible for developing supply chain management web applications and maintaining existing legacy applications for a telecommunication company. Driven by my curiosity to improve processes and my affinity for JavaScript, I recognized the opportunity to migrate a legacy application to a React-based frontend and Web APIs. This migration not only reduced response times but also improved product efficiency and optimized costs. I successfully led the application migration, resulting in profitability. My dedication and success in this endeavor were recognized with the prestigious Game Changer Award from my employer.

- In my most recent role, I had the privilege of working with a leading global fintech firm with more than 50 million users worldwide. Collaborating with the core team on their rebranding project, I contributed to increasing traffic through consistent design, responsiveness, and accessibility. This experience deepened my expertise in frontend development and creating cutting-edge user interfaces.

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