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Front End Developer at DonorDrive

DonorDrive is seeking a Front-End Developer to join our team. The Front-End Developer will work closely with the rest of the design team to understand the goals of each project and help push the team to better solutions that deliver upon those goals.

As a member of our cross functional team, you will work closely with UX and Visual Designers to bring their designs to life by using coding standards set by the Lead Front-End Developer and modern UI technologies. Final deliverables will be coded to match design files as closely as possible, meet coding standards and project goals. You will also work with the rest of the Design Team to address front-end development Tier 2 design support issues.

As the Front End Developer on our team you will:

  • Build fundraising sites using modern best practices for performance and accessibility
  • Regularly review designs for technical feasibility
  • Participate in design critiques, push design solutions forward
  • Manage multiple projects at different phases of development at once
  • Collaborate with our centralized design team to bring concepts to life
  • Produce well documented and maintainable code


First 30 Days

  • Gain a complete understanding of the DonorDrive solutions
  • Undergo On-Boarding Meetings with all DonorDrive teams
  • Gain an initial understanding of the nonprofit industry, and how we serve them
  • Observe the design and implementation process for a new client

First 60 Days

  • Gain an initial understanding of the DonorDrive platform
  • Begin taking initial Tier 2 support issues that require greater code complexity
  • Gain an initial understanding of ColdFusion
  • Begin design code reviews
  • Code a simple DonorDrive platform design theme

First 90 Days and Beyond

  • Lead on front-end development centric Tier 2 issues
  • Code a complex DonorDrive platform theme (homepage, event and fundraising pages, custom pages)
  • Gain an understanding of building for the DonorDrive product itself
  • Begin assisting in feature builds for the DonorDrive peer-to-peer platform

Who You Are:

  • Passionate about working with designers and developers to bring creative solutions to design issues
  • Eager to work in a close-knit team environment
  • Solution oriented and able to solve business problems with technology
  • Experienced with managing multiple projects simultaneously with a demonstrated ability to prioritize projects accordingly

What We Seek:

  • Experience building sites for a cms, such as coding themes for WordPress
  • 1-4 years of Front End professional web development experience with Javascript, jQuery,JSON, and JavaScript front end frameworks such as Vue.js
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Web Design, Web Development, or an impressive Portfolio of work samples
  • Familiarity with Sketch, and an ability to execute designs that match design concepts
  • Experience with server-side scripting such as PHP or ColdFusion
  • Familiarity with CSS and JavaScript preprocessor tools like Grunt or Gulp
  • Fluency with responsive and adaptive design production
  • Fluency in SCSS and/or LESS
  • Knowledge of responsive frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation


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