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What We’re Building

To readers, we offer:

  • The best tech stories (from actual tech professionals)
  • Free to read forever
  • The choice to not share their reading data

To writers, we offer:

  • Quality distribution
  • Community driven editorial line
  • Multiple ways to monetize content & earn coins

To sponsors, we offer:

  • Top navigation site wide takeovers
  • Branding of relevant writers, subjects & stories
  • Minimalistic tech stores

To new visitors, we do not:

  • Track readers
  • Force readers to login
  • Run intrusive ads

Hacker Noon 2.0: how hackers make the mother f*cking most out of their afternoons.

What the Job is

We’re building Hacker Noon 2.0 from the feet up. Does that interest you?

This role owns everything front end and requires strong design chops. You’ll work with the vision/copy/PM-ing of the founder, part-time designers/artists, and one back end developer.

In addition to salary, their will be 3 work-cations per year (you choose the location for one of them), and you’ll publish what you’re making every week on Hacker Noon.

Other characteristics that make you a good fit:

  • the hope for a decentralized internet
  • the power of chaos
  • the importance of art
  • the requirement of self expression
  • tech’s infiltration into all industries
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