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Frontend Web Developer at Bonfire.com

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We are looking for a frontend developer with great knowledge of JavaScript to join us. Our development team is small, dynamic and completely remote.

About you

  • You have experience building websites. We will welcome you if
    your background is in either backend development, frontend work, or
  • Javascript, and perhaps Typescript, interest you and are part of your career plans for the foreseeable future.
  • You are interested in always improving your code and making it better. You are good at software development because of your experience and also
    from reading and experimentation.
  • You can understand the features you are asked to implement, can ask questions about it and eloquently explain your approach to implementing new features.

The role

As our frontend web developer, you will spearhead development of
our single page app site, primarily using Javascript. You will help
make architectural decisions about our frontend code and our REST API
that the frontend code consumes. We will ask you to implement new
features and fix bugs, but also to refactor the current code when it
makes sense and to help us stay up-to-date with latest and greatest in
the Javascript world.

While we do have a dedicated CSS/HTML team, we may ask you to get involved in templating to ensure that your code provides the best user experience.

You will be expected to take control of our build system and help improve deployment procedures, as well as help us implement prerendering and similar
techniques for SEO.

Technologies we use

  • Our Javascript code is based on Angular and various
    industry-standard libraries.
  • Our build system for the frontend is
    implemented using npm and gulp.
  • We use SASS and Compass to build CSS.
  • The frontend communicates with our Spring Boot backend using a REST API.
  • We implement automated end-to-end tests using Selenium.
  • We use Git and industry standard issue tracking tools.

The work environment

This is a completely remote position, but it is a full time
commitment. You will work closely with other developers and will
occasionally be called in a remote VOIP meeting. We try to keep things
agile, but we avoid ceremonies and unnecessary meetings. We try to keep
the workflow streamlined and fun for all developers.

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