Remote Sr. Frontend Developer (React/Web3) at Innovation Upstream Inc

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Innovation Upstream is seeking a talented and motivated React developer who is experienced in working on large scale distributed systems

This role will focus on coding in react, and candidates would benefit strongly from having a deep fundamental software development knowledge base.

We are building multiple web3 projects and are seeking a passionate and talented frontend developer who can join our rapidly growing team.

The role is currently remote and you can work from anywhere. You will be responsible for collaborating on projects with client development teams. You will be expected to manage various competing deadlines, and projects. Teamwork, problem-solving, accountability, and good communication skills are necessary.

What you will be doing:

  • Building web3 frontends and integrating with various wallets and smart contracts
  • Building complex and performant frontends with react and integrating with GraphQL apis
  • Integrating with a software development team and working closely with a technical project manager
  • Conducting technical due diligence and understanding dynamics/tradeoffs between different software development technologies and approaches

We’re looking for someone who has:

  • Strong engineering fundamentals
  • 3+ years of software engineering
  • 3+ years of React development experience
  • 1+ years of web3 development experience
  • Strong familiarity with Linux/Terminal environments
  • Depth of knowledge and implementation experience
  • Creativity in solving problems
  • Being open to providing and receiving constructive feedback
  • Passion for learning and teaching others
  • CI/CD setup experience
  • High-quality testing standards
  • Good documentation practices

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This opportunity has expired and is no longer accepting applications, but you can check out all the open listings on our front end developer job board .

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