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Salary Range: $100000 - $250000

Poly is a Stanford/Berkeley generative AI startup for designers (backed by YC, Bloomberg, Felicis, Figma, etc.). We just raised $8M and are looking for a founding front-end/platform/full-stack engineer. We are building new foundation models to create beautiful and infinitely customizable Design Assets (textures, vector illustrations, 3D assets, sound, etc.) that help professional designers create more, better, faster.

We’re one of the first YC GenAI startups launched (Feb 2022, well before Stable Diffusion / GPT4), but stayed below the radar as we quietly built and launched core technology. You can check out our current product at (first released 3 months ago and grew to 100K MAUs within 6 weeks), though we have a brand new experience about to launch this month that lets you generate native HD vector graphics (SVGs), a huge need and opportunity for designers.

We need a talented individual who can be a founding member of a world-class product team. You must have significant experience (or significant enthusiasm) in developing/improving our frontend application, including in the following areas:

  • Frontend Typescript Frameworks (we use Vue, so specific experience in Vue is required)
  • Full-stack & API development (Python knowledge is very helpful!)
  • In-browser & modern web stack (WebGPU, WASM, WebGL), knowledge of Rust or other fast statically typed languages highly preferred
  • Design & UX (customer research, user studies, usability, design systems, Figma, etc.)

Send a friend request on LinkedIn with a short blurb (in the connection request) to me:) My bio is here:

About Poly Poly ( is DALL-E/Stable Diffusion for professional design assets. We let you generate 4K HD, commercially-licensed design assets with just a text prompt. We are currently live with our first model, which generates textures for 3D models (example: Our vision is to disrupt the $100B creative assets industry with AI-generated illustrations, icons, textures, sound effects, and much more. We're hoping to build the world's professional design library that anyone can use and any product can connect to.

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This opportunity has expired and is no longer accepting applications, but you can check out all the open listings on our front end developer job board .

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