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Senior UI / UX Engineer at SignalWire

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SignalWire is a startup evolved from the engineers behind FreeSWITCH, the open-source Software-Defined Telecom platform.  We are looking for someone with amazing development skills in the field of UI/UX and the ability to scale themselves to eventually lead a team and execute our vision.

We are a distributed team so most of our workforce is remote and work-anywhere based.  We have a disciplined engineering team who communicates over live video chat using our own remote workplace technology and other tools like slack and Github.

Connect with us if you are looking to make something challenging and exciting to be a part of.

About SignalWire

We are the real OGs and leaders of the decentralized communications movement. We are a distributed company bringing together some of the best people in the world to solve a really big problem. We collaborate via video chat in a completely virtual office environment that utilizes our own tech. Our main goal is to make complex IP communications technology accessible to everyone with an easy-to-use interface.

Anthony Minessale, CEO – Creator of our open source communications platform, FreeSWITCH and a pioneer in the advanced communications industry.

Evan McGee, CTO – An expert in microservices and real-time cloud architectures with over a decade of experience in telecom. Evan helped create and grow the RingPlus MVNO from a blue-sky project to 120k+ mobile users.

Bryan Rite, Director of Cloud Engineering – An experienced full-stack engineer and developer with 20+ years in the industry. Co-founded the small business telecommunications platform Felix, and helped build, scale, and innovate for RingPlus, a nationwide wireless MVNO.

Christopher Rienzo, Director of Stack Engineering – Responsible for building the SignalWire platform for enterprises. Prior to joining SignalWire, Chris was the director of engineering for voice systems at Grasshopper.

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