Remote Sass developer jobs - May 2024

Browse remote Sass developer job opportunities in May 2024 at companies like PXLP, smartcar, Spider Strategies. Last updated May 3, 2024.

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Remote Front-end Web Developer at Spider Strategies

322 days ago

This is your opportunity to work on a modern, single-page web app. The software you write will be used by many high-profile companies, and…

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Smartcar is on a mission to make it easy for everyone to use the apps and services they love with their car. We build developer-friendly…

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You have a passion for crafting mind-blowing UI experiences, building animations that are delightful and buttery smooth. You set high…

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As a senior frontend engineer you will work alongside a small team of engineers, creatives, and project managers (about 20 people) working…

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Here's what you will do in a nutshell: Create new features for Narrative's Vuejs web application. Work with Product and Design teams to…

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