Introducing Salary Guides!

I've been cooking up something over the past few weeks, and today I'm excited to roll out salary guides on Front End Remote Jobs!

There are a couple different flavors - more details below.

General Remote Front End Developer Guide

First (and you may have noticed this showing up in the main navigation) is the general front end salary guide. This guide looks at gathers salary data from all the jobs posted on the site in aggregate and works out some trends from there.

It touches on how location can affect salary: USA and anywhere are the highest paying locations! Probably not surprising.

Also addressed is how much you can make at each level - junior, mid-level / intermediate, and senior. If you want to benchmark your current salary, this is a good place to start.

And there's also information on the technologies that correlate to the highest paying opportunities. I'm a bit surprised at the list to be honest - did not expect Redux to be so high! This information could be helpful to see what tech you know that is maybe more valuable than you think and/or could help you gauge where to spend some learning time to get that next raise.

Technology specific salary guides

Linked out from the general salary guide are also some technology / skill specific salary guides. Some examples: Remote Vue.js Salary Guide, Remote UI Developer Salary Guide, and Remote React Developer Salary Guide.

These salary guides narrow down the analysis to focus on salary information with the specific technology or skill set. You'll get salary breakdowns across experience level and also find related technology / skills you may want to focus on.

As I get more data, I'll look at adding location information to these specific guides as well.

You'll also find other salary guides not in the top five technologies linked from their job opportunities page, just above the job listings (see here for example for Remote GraphQL developer jobs)

Keeping Guides Up to date

One thing I'm super excited about these guides is that you can always be 100% sure they are up to date - they get regenerated every time a new job with salary information is added to the site. As time goes on, I hope these become a valuable resource for all front end devs looking for work. It helps so much to have a baseline of what others are making when coming into salary negotiations.

Got feedback on the guides? Let me know on Twitter: @remotefrontend.

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