Remote Front End Developer Hiring Trends - October 2023

Welcome to the October 2023 hiring trends report! Each month, we analyze the jobs posted over the past month to identify trends in hiring for remote front end developers and engineers.

We try to identify larger trends in volume (are there more or less opportunities?) as well as trends in technologies, seniority level of open positions, and regional trends. Let's dive in!

Note: we're analyzing the jobs shared on Front End Remote Jobs. This certainly isn't representative of the entire hiring market, but because the jobs here are a combination of opportunities curated from the web and posted directly here, this should give a sense of what's going on with the remote front end developer job market.

Hiring was up from September 2023

In October 2023, 10 companies posted a total of 10 new front end developer job listings. This is up from September 2023 - a 11% increase.

Trends by Region

Where are companies hiring remote front end developers?

The top region for hiring remote front end developers was USA with 6 job listings posted. This is a 20% increase from September 2023 when there were 5 positions in USA.

In second was North America with 5 jobs posted, followed by Europe with 2 remote job opportunities.

Technology Trends

What technologies are front end hiring managers looking for?

In October 2023, React was the hottest technology, featured on 8 job listings. This is a 33% increase from September 2023.

Next up was Typescript, featured on 6 job listings. This is flat from September 2023, when there were 6 Typescript job listings.

Third on the list was Javascript, featured on 4 job listings. This is a 20% decrease from September 2023 when there were 5 Javascript job listings.

Fourth up was UI, featured on 4 job listings. This is flat from September 2023 when there were 4 UI job listings.

And with 3 job listings, Node.js ends up at the number 5 spot. This is flat from September 2023 when there were 3 Node.js job listings.

Seniority Trends

What kinds of positions are companies hiring for? Senior? Junior? Mid-level?

In October 2023, most hiring managers were looking for mid-level front end developers, with 8 open positions. This is up from September 2023, a 60% increase.

After mid-level developers, hiring managers were most likely to be looking for senior front end developers, with 7 open positions posted in October 2023. This is a 60% increase from the previous month.

October 2023 Summary

If you're looking for a remote front end developer job this month, make sure you brush up on your React, Typescript, and Javascript chops as you're putting the finishing touches on your resume and cover letter! You can browse all open positions at our front end developer job board here.

And if you're looking to hire remote front end developers - I'd love to help! Find more information on the hiring page.

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