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Creative Frontend Developer

Creative Frontend Developer

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  • Campinas SP Brazil

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CSSHTMLJavascriptES6Next.jsNode.jsReactReduxStyled ComponentsSassSCSSTailwindTypescriptUIMySQLMonorepoPrismaGitWebpackReact QueryJSXExpress.jsJestMaterial UINest.jsFirebase


With nearly 20 years of freelancing on Webdesign, Graphic Design and 3D Design, I've been contributing to projects in a well-established company in USA remotely since 2020 as a developer, and since 2022, as a team leader.

Passionate about creating innovative solutions, currently I am eager to apply my diverse skills in a dynamic work environment that fosters professional growth.


I worked on a React large scaled, with more than 20k users, legacy platform, by converting class components into functional and TypeScript. I also have a lot of projects in my portfolio.

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