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Frontend Engineer interested in Web3 | Crypto | Blockchain

Frontend Engineer interested in Web3 | Crypto | Blockchain

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ReactNext.jsReduxTypescriptTailwindReact QueryES6SCSSCSSJestNode.jsExpress.js


πŸ” I'm a results-driven Frontend Engineer with extensive experience in high-performing startups. I specialize in delivering efficient solutions and actively contribute to the open-source community. As a passionate developer, I've co-authored and contributed to libraries like @appbaseio/reactivesearch, @appbaseio/searchbox, and appbase-js, empowering enterprises and developers to build products more effectively.

✨ My expertise in building search experiences with these libraries enables:

πŸš€ Rapid creation of search experiences in hours or days, not months or years.

πŸš€ Feature-rich libraries with Analytics, Search Relevancy Settings, Pipelines, Machine Learning integration, and more.

πŸ’« Recently, I co-authored a game-changing πŸ’« No-code/low-code UI builderπŸ’« that revolutionizes the creation of search experiences with multiple pages in just 5 minutes. It includes built-in authentication services, supports various authentication methods (including User-pass auth, Google, and SAML), and seamlessly integrates with React and Vue frameworks. Choose from 6 different Search UI templates to get started.

πŸ’» In addition to my development expertise, I have a strong background in testing frameworks such as Cypress and Jest. I have successfully performed E2E, snapshot tests, and unit tests for large Frontend projects, ensuring high-quality code and robust functionality.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό As a versatile professional, I:

βœ… Maintain strong developer relations within my company.

βœ… Conduct interviews to hire top talent.

βœ… Mentor and collaborate with others, helping aspiring software engineers enter the field.

🌍 As a remote worker since the start of my career, I value responsibility, integrity, and self-motivation.

πŸ›©οΈ On a personal note, I have a passion for airplanes and flying trainer aircraft as a Cadet Warrant Officer in the AIR WING of NCC. I have also represented my university in YOGA nationals and competed in state-level swimming competitions during my school days.


1. Gemini Crypto Exchange Pubsite

1. Check here ->

2. ReactiveSearch Library

1. Contributed to open-source library for Elasticsearch-backed UI components.

2. Boosted library performance, increasing organic search rankings by >500%.

3. Enhanced documentation and community support, raising library adoption by 200%.

4. check here -

3. Rydeu Frontend

1. Developed travel booking app frontend using React.js and Redux, increasing daily users by 5%.

2. Improved user experience, increasing signups by 30% through A/B testing.

3. Integrated third-party APIs for seamless data retrieval and processing.

4. Enhanced booking flow, resulting in a 60% increase in monthly bookings.

5. Live here ->

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