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A Frontend developer who really knows how to build stuff.

A Frontend developer who really knows how to build stuff.

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What sets me apart is my 3+ years of experience crafting user-friendly websites using JavaScript, React, and Redux. I thrive on staying up-to-date with the latest front-end technologies to provide exceptional results. I'm a problem solver, a quick learner, and a strong team player.


At my current role with Ajna, I took the lead in designing the company's frontend architecture, resulting in a more efficient and responsive user interface. I boosted user engagement by approximately 80% by transforming designs into semantic HTML and CSS using React.

I also achieved a 60% improvement in load times for the React.js app on low-end devices, thanks to my implementation of code-splitting, lazy loading, and efficient state management. This significantly enhanced the user experience.

Additionally, I developed a custom hook for language translation and localization, which improved user experience and consistency company-wide. My work on a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system streamlined the ordering process and enabled remote ordering, making it easier for clients and their customers.

At Dafa, I played a pivotal role in designing the database schema and ensuring efficient data storage and retrieval. I also built and deployed a Node.js server, leading to a robust and scalable backend.

Throughout my career, I've consistently worked on enhancing user experiences, improving load times, and optimizing performance. My ability to collaborate effectively in remote teams and my problem-solving skills have been essential to my achievements in these roles.

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