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A fullstack engineer every team dreams of having

A fullstack engineer every team dreams of having

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AngularCSSES6GraphQLJavascriptHTMLNode.jsNext.jsReactReduxSCSSTypescriptMonorepoGitExpress.jsREST APIFirebaseMongoDB


I learn quickly, I have exceptional communication skills and I never give up on hard problems till they are solved.


S-analyzer, an app that utilizes ML to analyzer socila media posts and provide benefit for growth, strategies and action points. .

Collaborated with Machine Learning engineers to build and launch S-analyzer app, resulting in a 10%

boost in yearly revenue and enabling effective competition in social media strategies.

● Reconstructed multi-web apps into single-page apps, resulting in a 60% increase in application speeds,

traffic, and SEO, which drove improved user experiences and helped acquire new users.

● Tested software for bugs and operating speed, fixing bugs and documenting processes to increase

efficiency by 18%

● Led the implementation of a Pair Review system, improving code reliability and fostering a

collaborative team environment.

Syndic4u is a Belgium based application that helps syndics managing same property to plan, manage shared costs and financial services. .

● Engineered DevOps operations, reducing build time from over 5 minutes to under 30 seconds, resulting

in an 80% increase in development team efficiency and quicker time-to-market for new features.

● Enhanced automated tests, maintaining code quality and reliability by 20%, which led to a decrease in

post-release bug reports and improved user satisfaction.

● Optimized frontend components by building state layers with RxJS, Akita pattern, and TypeScript,

resulting in a 40% reduction in client-reported issues, enhancing overall user experience

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