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Salary Range: $140317 - $140317

We're excited to add a Staff Engineer to our team! To learn more about Township and how we operate, head to our hiring homepage.

Why we're hiring

Township has let organic growth lead the way as we’ve carefully assembled our team over the years. As skills develop and new projects come along, we continuously reassess our lineup to ensure that we’re stacking our team with all the best strategic players so that we can thrive. That’s why we’re ready to hire again today. As roles have evolved and our project commitments have expanded, we find ourselves ready to bring in an additional Front-End Staff Engineer to help guide our team and projects towards continued success.

The role

Township is looking to add a Front-End Staff Engineer to our team. Most of our projects are built in an Elixir-centric stack, so interest and/or experience with those technologies is a plus. This position is best suited for someone who wants to join a team as an individual contributor.

As an engineer, you will find that this role is very hands on. You will collaborate with senior technical leadership and clients on the implementation of business-critical applications. You will create new web applications from scratch, extend current code bases, and design new architecture for future expansions that enable fast-moving companies to meet the demands of growth. Specifically, you will combine your problem-solving abilities and hands-on coding experience to drive the development of early-stage client projects grounded in our full technology stack. You will have the opportunity to help shape crucial architecture decisions to ensure reliability, performance, and sustainability.

Time zones: EST (UTC -5), CST (UTC -6), MST (UTC -7), PST (UTC -8)

Management vs. Individual Contributors (ICs) at Township

Managers and individual contributors are compensated the same, even though the roles and responsibilities are quite different. Traditional wisdom suggests that companies should promote their highest performers into management roles, regardless of their interest in or ability to be a manager. Township equalizes management and ICs in an effort to remove incentive from choosing one over the other. Both paths have a clear path set for them within Township, and contribute to the overall team success in important and unique ways.

-Township’s Transparent Compensation policy While we ask that you designate which career path you are pursuing at this level (manager or IC), please note that we compensate both roles equally at equal levels.

If you are interested in pursuing an engineering manager role at Township, you can find that job description here.


  • You’ll participate in and lead all stages of application development, including UI design and development, backend development, deployment, and application monitoring.
  • You’ll iterate quickly and ship code when it's ready. You'll help the team shorten our development cycle while maintaining high quality.
  • You’ll interact skillfully with teammates and clients for collaboration, planning, and requirements definition.
  • You’ll play a key role in architectural and software design decisions.
  • Your most impactful contribution to sprint planning is weighing in on all aspects of feature planning, from discovery to execution and testing.
  • You’ll contribute to a small, growing engineering team by helping form best practices and offering thoughtful code review, pairing, and technical mentorship.
  • You’ll cultivate an environment of healthy communication, support, and collaboration.

Desired skills

Note: We view this section as a guide, not a checklist. We encourage you to apply even if you don't satisfy every single bullet on the list! Most qualified applicants will have 6-8 years of experience and have worked successfully on a remote team before.

  • Extensive experience with React front-end framework, and a deep understanding of React.js, Typescript, and React Native.
  • Experience with cross-functional collaboration at all product life cycle stages from prototype to production.
  • You design, build, and maintain performant and reliable applications for web and native devices. Your code is consistently high quality, tested, and production-ready.
  • Demonstrable knowledge of code versioning tools and processes, testing frameworks, and CI/CD.
  • Generalist experience with a willingness and curiosity to focus in on any area of our toolset, including DevOps, test and QA automation, analytics and accessibility, or server and full stack integrations.
  • The ability to build rapidly, with pragmatic implementations, while maintaining high code quality, maintainability, and performance standards.

Salary and benefits

The starting annual salary for this position is $140,317. You can learn more about our Transparent Compensation plan here.

As for benefits, we offer many. Here are just a few:

  • A variety of paid time off options, including 20 paid vacation days, 10 paid sick and mental health days, and 12-14 paid holidays. We also offer paid leave for things like bereavement, jury duty, and voting.
  • Twelve weeks of paid parental leave and up to 12 additional weeks of unpaid parental leave.
  • Three medical healthcare plans to choose from with FSA and HSA options, as well as full dental and vision coverage.
  • Employer-matched 401k or 401k Roth up to 5%.
  • $350 monthly stipend towards workplace and wellness expenses.
  • And a lot more. For a full overview of our benefits, head to our summary here.

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